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About me

cnnbeauty.xyz is a website that provides information in the form of images and writings are making it easier for you to understand.
I am not too long in the world of photography, about 2 years I loved the world exactly camera photography. seems to me photography is is very nice so that I can see directly and can capture the moment in kamer me. I made it there because my hobby in photography, every day I spend time outdoors to find a wonderful place for me to take a picture.

My picture

I usually prefer to photograph animals and nature beauty, besides my hobyy photos but I also like the animals around me that made me happy. but the other day I also receive a wedding photo or a specific event that requires my services. on the side of the hobby, I also sell services as photography.


If you are still unclear about my site, please do not hesitate to contacted me or please leave your comments on each page. Thank you for visiting my site.