Thursday, June 6, 2019

Why Jogja deserves a favorite place

Jogja is known to be one of the tourist destinations of local and foreign tourists. But you do not know that as a famous tourist spot, it is also a favorite area to buy shelter.

Based on the Portal Data Lamudi property, the average in a month there are about 1,980 people interested in buying homes for sale in Jogja. Many factors make it why this province becomes. One of them is the price of house sold in Jogja is quite cheap, the average price is Rp 11.5 million per square meter. 

There are also the most sought after areas there are Kulon Progo and Gunung Kidul. The two areas offer a variety of residential pockets ranging from the bottom market segment to the top. For the market below the selling price reaches Rp 200 million, while for the intermediate segment sold start from Rp 400 million.

Has complete transportation

Infrastructure development in Jogja is currently underway, such as the development of public transportation. As is the airport, Adi Sucipto is now an international standard. In addition, there is also a Trans Jogja Bus that is ready to take the tourists to visit every corner of the city that is famous for its culinary gudeg. Not only that, for those who want to use traditional transportation, in this place also still operate Delman and Becak.       
Heritage and Shopping Tour

Cultural tourism activities are interesting when visiting the province that is located in the south of Java island. There visitors can see Yogyakarta Palace located on Jl. Rotowijayan. Or see Prambanan Temple in Solo Prambanan, to Ullen Sentalu Museum. But do not forget to tour the culinary at Jalan Malioboro. The existence of this tourist place is certainly a more value for those who buy homes for sale in Jogja. 

Student City

It is not a public secret anymore that the city has many international universities, such as Gadjah Mada University. This education center has been established since 1949 and is currently one of the oldest universities in Indonesia. The existence of this high school can certainly be more value if you want to buy a house sold in Jogja. READ: cheap foreign tourist places.

Nature Tourism

The province is endowed with a natural condition that is so beautiful, so no wonder if visiting Yogyakarta then the tourists can find many places that offer natural tourism. The city has a plateau, a stretch of beaches with clear water. Examples include Krakal beach in Ngestirejo village, with a long white sandy beach character and clear water.

Home investments

Besides being able to stay, buying house for sale in Jogja can also be used as an investment instrument, because the house purchased can be rented. For example, in Tugu area, this area is famous for its atmosphere so it has a promising potential. This place also has transportation up to 24 hours in the province so it is very easy to reach the remote area. And most of all, not only on holidays, in the ordinary days Yogyakarta often visited by local tourists and foreigners.

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