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The 10 best central capsule hotels in Jakarta

Cheap Hotel is the dream of everyone especially the traveler who will usually save the way to get to the streets as far as possible but with a very minimal expenditure. How? Yaa this nihh, by looking for a cheap hotel reference yet with adequate quality or even more. Who is not willing to get a luxury hotel reservation at an affordable price? You, me and all other people also want this.

One of the most sought after modern facilities is the capsule Hotel. What is a capsule hotel? You just heard of it? Perhaps the term is still fairly layman in the ears of most people yes. Well, did you know this capsule hotel itself is a form of accommodation concept where one room can be inhabited by several people at once. Uniquely, remembering everyone has privacy, it creates a closed bed like a capsule.

In some areas alone there are many hostels or capsule hotels. Some famous and many enthusiasts in the city of central Jakarta, West Jakarta, East Jakarta, South Jakarta, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Bali which has the popularity of visitors or tourists continue to grow annually. Capsule hotels have many benefits and lots of interest among tourists, businesses, students, and for families who are more concerned with the Bughet Keefesienan because one room can be used by more than one person.

In addition to the efficient, many hotels with modern facilities provide some of the price levels ranging from the cheapest. For example, in our capital city, Jakarta you can find many references here about the kind and variety of unique and interesting capsule hotels. In this article is suitable for you who are looking to book a hotel with convenient facilities especially for those of you who look for a hotel in the capsule model in the city of Jakarta, in fact you do not need to be confused because there are actually many can You encounter, but as many may be likely to be a worry if the price is too expensive or there is a mismatch one or another thing.

So, do not worry Buddy, some of the main hotels in the city of Jakarta as capsule hotel providers are already available in the description below. So you can get the full information on this page. Starting from the name of the hotel, the full address, the facilities offered, the prices are available most updates, and how many rank among enthusiasts. Then just look at the references below.

10 capsule hotels in central Jakarta

1. Six Degrees Backpackers

The Hotel is located at Jalan Cikini Raya 60BC, Menteng, Cikini, central Jakarta, Indonesia 10330. Hotel with dorm feel like overseas. For rate in this hotel is ranged from Rp. 120,000 to Rp. 260,000. Call to 021 – 314 1657 or contact the official website at jakarta-backpackers-hostel.com

2. Capsule Hotel Old Batavia

This Hotel can be visited in the address of Cikini Raya Street, No 60Z, Cikini Center complex, Menteng, Cikini, Jakarta, Indonesia 10330. Complete facilities with Wifi, laundry service, including breakfast, cheap yet modern, as well as a 24-hour reception, luggage storage, a terrace and a shared lounge. The price you can choose to adjust your bag prices.

3. JakPod Capsule Hotel

The Hotel is located on Jalan. Paju No. 16 RT. 10 RW. 02 Kb. Melati, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City, 10230 Jakarta, Indonesia. The facilities on offer include a garden and free Wifi, continental breakfast and a wide range of facilities in the hotel fully and assured. The Hotel is also adjacent to the monument and Grand Indonesia Mall and wholesale Ravenna Center and Tanah Abang textile. Prices are offered from economies of scale to the VIP.

4. Capsule Cabin Teak Wood V

This Hotel coincides on Jalan. Teak Wood V/VI Rt. 04/05, No. 26 Rawamangun, Jakarta, Indonesia. Hotel with modern and trendy design but the price provided is relatively affordable, and very suitable for tourists. Transportation to the hotel and traveling is very easy because it is not far from the bus stop or station. Other public places are also close to areas of the hotel such as hospitals, museums, parks, malls, and shopping centers.

5. Royal Hotel

Hotel Raya Jakarta is located precisely at Jalan H. Juanda No. 14, Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. You can book your stay at any time as it is available for 24 hours service with access to facilities i.e. free Wifi, free parking, non-smoking rooms, restaurant and many more. This capsule hotel is a favorite hotel for tourists and tourists because of its modern and complete service. Moreover the price offered also varies depending on your choice.

6. Ambhara Bodylife

The next Hotel comes from Ambhara Bodylife which has the full address on Jalan Raya Iskhandarsyah No. 1, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Indonesia. No phone. (021) 2700800. The Hotel which provides the capsule room facilities is so strategic and capable of attracting many people. You will even find a fitness center, SPA and Wellness Center, Bar, outdoor swimming pool, airport shuttle and more.

7. GH Capsule

Next up is the GH Cpsule hotel. From the name alone, maybe you guessed it instead? Yup, the Hotel prioritizes capsule facilities to its customers where there is a lot of convenience provided for those of you who only visit briefly or for some time. You can find this hotel in Pemuda Street No. 16, Jakarta, Indonesia.

8. Fairmont Jakarta Hotels

This famous Hotel is located in the middle of Jakarta, precisely on Asia Afrika Street No. 8 Gelora dude Karno, Senayan, Jakarta. You can see the location directly through maps because it is already available in various hotel booking sites and hotel reservations. Fairmont Jakarta is recommended for you because of its strategic location near the Indonesian stock Exchange building, Jakarta Convention Center and shopping Centers namely Plaza Senayan and Central office Senayan.

9. The Packer Lodge

The next recommended Hotel is The Packer Lodge which is located on Jalan. Purity IV No. 20-22 Gang. Mango, Jakarta, Indonesia. The strategic location makes it much known by the citizens of Jakarta and tourists outside the city both abroad. It is suitable for tourists who like culinary, food and also tourist in the city. On various hotel booking sites also The Packer Lodge is within the ranks of the hotel with the best rating.

10. PinX's Hotel 

The last hotel comes from PinX's Hotel which is located on Jalan. Gunung Sahari 12 Blocks C3 – C5, Jakarta, Indonesia 10720. One of the Hotel with a popularity that is not less the same type of hotel, because some of the advantages are unique and Bisajadi can not get in other hotels. Want to know the uniqueness? Go live check and see more reviews of PinX's hotel directly or via online. As for the price, it is very safe for you who choose economic price.

Here's the 10 modern capsule hotels or commonly called hostels. You can directly check and book easily and quickly via online at Traveloka, Pegi Pegi, tiket.com, airy, booking.com, Agoda, Trivago and many more. Don't miss out on the exciting opportunities such as discounts and deals offered by each hotel and the hotel's cheap yet quality buyer's site.

You do not have to use or download the application above first, because you can also open it in your favorite browser Web version. Hopefully the information that is shared can be useful and help the buddy choose and determine the hotel booking as a provider of capsule facilities with low economy but highly recommended to serve as a holiday option.

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