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Body parts are in massage to cure toothache

Toothache, the worst condition that makes one can not do any activity. To hear the sound, it feels a lot. This type of disease has become common in human suffering. His symptoms are usually marked with pain in the gums, teeth, and jaws with briefly coming pain too briefly gone. So, lest you feel this toothache.

However, if the disease has come, it is not preventable but should be healed or treated. So, the question now is "how to easily treat toothache without having to be a doctor or taking medication?" There are actually practical and simple tips for those of you who are irritant due to toothache. What is it?

You've heard this suggestion earlier that "massage on the area of certain body can relieve toothache "? According to some health experts, this suggestion is true and is already in practice directly. So, do not be sad, if you are afraid of doctors or just want to undergo healing at home only. Simply using this simple way slowly-land can relieve your toothache.

A massage or pressure on certain areas of the body is able to reduce the pain of toothache for several reasons. One is because it is the source of the pain. Then the part of the body that could be the source of your toothache? Or alternative healing In addition to your teeth, gums and jaw? Well, more information please read the following section.

Body parts are in massage to cure toothache

The method of treatment with reflexology is very beneficial and helps the nerves in the part of the tooth which turns out to be the source of the sick. Therefore, the massage needs to be done at certain points that have proven to be potent in the healing process and relieve pain. The following is an effective massage point for toothache:
The big toe fit under the nail: the point for the upper jaw reflection can be utilized to treat the toothache at the top.
The toe is a little more under the nail: point for lower jaw reflection to treat lower dental pain
Top of the head: The acupressure point located above the center of the head
Above the ear: the point of treating toothache lies on one finger over the right and left ear.
Front of the jaw or jawline: The point of reflection massage at the bottom end of the upper jaw affects the upper tooth ache
Lower jaw tip: The healing point of toothache as a point of reflection located at the back of the ear to the bottom of the ear.
Shoulder and back neck position: point to relieve headaches
The part between the thumb and index on the right and left: the point of reflection massage alternative to toothache, gums and jaw.

Toothache will be healed more quickly at the stage of the symptoms, so it is recommended to do the massage therapy when you have symptoms. Once you understand the point of the correct toothache massage, then do the massage at the point of reflection for at least one minute on each section.

Please note to do so 3 times a day to accelerate the healing process. Generally after completing the massage therapy The sufferer will be more relaxed and the pain is also reduced because the fact that the function of the massage is to provide a relaxing effect on the tissues and nerves that are sensitive to the part of the dental has undergone inflammation.

If a toothache is also accompanied by a headache, then you can add some massage spots for headaches. In addition, this method of treatment can also be combined by taking herbal or traditional medicines that are allowed or as recommended by the doctor. Treatment with reflexology and acupressure massage is very flexible and will not have a negative impact and does not contradict other methods of treatment.

These are health tips to relieve your tooth's pain. When toothache starts to become severe, it can be so terrible that it will require more serious handling. In this simple way, you can minimize the degree of dental pain that is worse. Always consult your trust physician, to monitor how far your teeth ache hurts.

Better to prevent than cure. Preferably after symptoms or signs – signs of dental pain immediately do the treatment. Reflexology on the area of certain areas that have been displayed in the explanation above is one of them.  Hopefully this information can be helpful in handling your toothache. Hopefully useful and healed.

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