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Advantages of creating Online stores with instant Weathery

If at this time you are busy doing a product sale online, one of the must-have websites is online. Because it is in fact developing your business in the best online store is not easy. There are a few things to note carefully. In particular what are the factors that make your customers comfortable so continue shopping in your Millik online store. Today, Instant Lapak is one of the most powerful ways to make it easier for you to grow your business online.

Well, if you start thinking to further maximize your online store, try to think of some of these things for example "It's enough you make use of popular social media such as on line, Instagram business page, Twitter, Fanspage Facebook, Chanel YouTube,  WhatsApp group and other – another for promotion? " Or else like "doing sales on the famous marketplace as well as Shopee, Bukalapak, Tokopedia,, Lazada, Zalora, Zilingo and so on?" All of these things are very good for you to do and is a good strategy Tips on selling online. But, did you know? Having your own Channel store will add value to your store. In addition, you also have full control or control over the online Web.

Online store with Instant LaPak theme provides the best solution for you who want to make an online site at an affordable price but with professional quality. The features that are included are complete. Do not be wrong even though the name "instant Lapak" the completeness is not inferior to other platforms such as open cart, Magento, Woocommerce and others. Apart from that, there are many more advantages of running an online business with this WordPress instant Weathery. YAA, although there is also a lack thereof, but this weakness can be covered with various advantages given.

Indeed before successfully creating an online store, most people will think about making the online store complicated and difficult. However, is that true? No, for how to create an online store with your own instant lapks you don't need to require expensive fees or special skill skills in the programming language. Just follow the guided guide. Not interesting? Well, in order to become more familiar with the use of instant weathering on your web, you should listen to the benefits that you can get in the following explanation.

Advantages of creating Online stores with instant Weathery

1. Neat and professional look Design

You won't be disappointed as there are several template options you can choose from. All the template versions in your instant Lapak can get you easily. In addition, a professional and neat design arrangement is its main advantage. Thus allowing the trust of the visitor or the buyer will be greater. As time goes by, customers will be able to see and assess which online store they can Perrcayai, one of them in terms of design and product display neatly arranged.

2. Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design

What does design mean is Responsive and mobile friendly? This means your Web property can automatically customize with templates and layouts either through your Android Smartphone, tablet, or laptop. So, of course, this will allow your site to be comfortably viewed and read by visitors. Then, pulling again the Search engine will provide a value plus even prioritized in the page compared to the Web that is not responsive and mobile Friendly.

3. Easy Product Setup

How can it be said easily? Of course, because this lapak allows you to change, add, remove products even from the storefront process quickly. In this case two words, "easy and fast", simply describe two properties in the management of the product in an instant weathery. So the beginner also will not have any difficulties in the process of setting and use of the full features and a complete range of tutorials can be very supportive.

4. Calculating Automatic Send Payment

Customers who will shop in your online store will not have to bother to calculate the price and shipping on the goods. Why? Yup, there's a feature buddy. You also certainly simplified not? Especially for those of you who are not proficient in counting quickly. How? The buyer only needs to checkout the goods purchased, then fill the shipping city and complete information about the address. After that automatically the total will be counted accurately. So easy huh?

5. Has a handy shopping cart feature

In addition, it can calculate the automatic shipping and total all your customers ' groceries. The shopping cart feature has also been designed so well. This shopping cart can facilitate customers to shop simultaneously in your store with the products they are interested in. Considering that your product has its own variation for color, size, model, etc., so the shopping cart is very needed. READ: proof can be money from the Internet.

6. Automatic Sales history saved

The history of each sale that your online store does not go away simply, because everything is recorded in detail and details. Sophisticated once not? You don't have to be confused about recording your sales history in the notebook or even relying on just a memory to sort out the sales that have been completed and not yet. You just have to check in the Admin section only, and all of them can be solved easily.

7. Update the latest version for free

Furthermore, another interesting from the use of online stores using this instant LaPak is that you will get the information for updates to the latest version. Relax, you do not have to pay additional fees or other similar as this is provided free of charge Loh. The added support feature is available to you who may have difficulties such as technical and other things. Do not worry if the template you are using will be broken, because later you can report to the admin in the Support Group section, then you can in the help based on the constraints you complained.

8. Promotional features that help you sell

Already enjoying the enjoyment of instant weathery, you are now made easy in the process of promotion itself. How? Yup, promotional features can help you sell. Its name is Affiliate feature. The Program in this feature allows to do the promotion, and you just have to accept the order only. In addition, other features that helped are the presence of a testimonial column, order button via WhatsApp, Facebook setting, Sales notify, there are many options of payment gateway, invoice order in email, maintenance mode and Google Analytic or many data Visitor. Interesting to try?

Here's more information specifically for you who want to establish the choice of utilizing online business on the web alone with a simple but quality template. Surely we already know in detail that by setting up an online store with the theme of instant LaPak can very easy for you to personally reach more customer customers. This happens not to be separated from the many advantages that we have discussed earlier.

To start a real business you don't have to think about it complicated because instant Lapak is more suitable. Although whatever we use is not separated from the name of the deficiency. This can be addressed only by how you can utilize it in the best possible one as you can. Because this will not only facilitate you, but the consumer can also feel the convenience and comfortable during shopping because of the various features that are already available.

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A collection of free and cool Premium Wordpress templates

WordPress, maybe you've heard it very often? Or even already one of its users? What is Wordpress itself? YAA, WordPress is a content management system or commonly abbreviated CMS and most of its users worldwide. The advantages it offers are capable of attracting the attention of most people. This WordPress advantage is located on any type of website that can be created. For example, this CMS allows you not only to create a simple blog, but also an ecommerce site, create a portfolio, newspaper, or anything that fits your creativity. One of the essentials in WordPress making is defining themes and templates.

Why is a Template theme in the say important? Because the template or theme itself is a set of files that can organize the look of content on a site we have. We can just imagine if without a template. The look of your website will not have its appeal at all. A mediocre impression might be better suited. While your site may have loaded a variety of major components, it's still the same as the resulting view won't look appealing. Therefore, try the search theme for your website as per topic and also the purpose of your website is established, especially for WordPress sites.

Maybe you've seen a WordPress sure to have the availability of various or even hundreds of thousands of themes or templates. However, because of the many templates, are you not confused on choosing the right theme – really good? One of the habits of those who actually negatively impacts is changing the template to your liking. Although it is only a simple matter, but actually can be serious. Why? Because it can not form the characteristics of our website. Other possibilities could impact the indexing of our blog in the eyes of search engines.

We can be kind of like when choosing a suitable hosting, specifying a WordPress theme for free and as needed also requires a period of time so that you do not mistake the decision. Because so many free themes in WordPress. We can find it easily because it is circulating on the Internet, either in the WordPress theme directory or other sites. So it will certainly make you a bit confused to choose which of the best WordPress templates to meet your needs. Don't worry. In the subtitle below will provide practical solutions in the form of a sample template that is recommended for those of you who want to use the best type of theme, cool and free.

A collection of free and cool Premium Wordpress templates

1. Shapely

The first one comes from "Shapely" which is the type of template that suits you. Especially those who do not have basic knowledge of website development. Why? Because this Shapely has the ease to use by anyone, even for a beginner. For example, someone without programming skills can create a professional online store website with only a Shapely template and a WooCommerce plugin. Your website will also perform well through all your devices, tablets, smartphones, laptops, or computers. In fact, its appearance has also been aligned with all the latest web browser types.

2. Storefront

Next is "Storefront". This one Template in the same hand is a matching pair for the WooCommerce plugin. Why? Because the theme was originally developed by the WooCommerce developers. In terms of color selection and layout of the look when noted also very comfortable especially when combined with a WooCommerce plugin. Only, for storefront templates There is no availability of shortcodes or sliders as you need. However, if you want to use it, you just have to install another plugin that has functions and features to suit your needs.

3. Shop Isle

Shop Isle is another type of best template. Its pros are reported Darisalah one WordPress online store template that can be acquired for free – only or for no charge. Although it is free, this template does not at all disappoint its users. Where an attractive and unique look becomes one of the main charms of this WordPress template, it's especially in terms of showcasing your products. The Bootstrap-based Shop Isle, which will integrate with WooCommerce plugins without any problems. So it allows you to not have to spend a lot of time just to connect between payment gateways or just simply post a product.

4. NewsMag

The next interesting Template is NewsMag. One theme with stylish news and magazines. You can already imagine it? Because this template is perfect for you who create and manage blogs with media news. In addition, another advantage is that it is located on a compatible design for your electronic device baikdesktop, mobile or tablet. Because its popularity blog this NewsMag theme has active users reach the number 20 thousand. As for the rating on the WordPress site get a pretty good acquisition of about 4.5 stars of 5 stars. Cool isn't it?

5. Awaken

"Awaken" is a type of template that is not less popular in attracting WordPress users compared to other types of templates. This blog Template derived from Themezhut's artificial magazine style is unusual but rather responsive as well as compatible for mobile, desktop, and tab electronics. Not only that this theme also provides a wide range of widgets for Its free version For example is like YouTube video widget, single category posts widget, two block posts widget, and ad widget.

6. Hueman

A blog Template that has its own appeal to users is Hueman. This Theme with news and magazine style is suitable for you who have a neat and elegant form of structure. In its description on the WordPress site itself, Hueman has claimed to be a news and magazine-style blog theme with the best rating of 5 stars. A very high rating is not it? In addition, Hueman now has an active user reaching the number 70 thousand from all over the world. Awesome huh?

7. Point

Still not move on with the style templates news and magazine? We move on to the next one is the "Point" template. This one template has its popularity with the same level as the best template we've covered. Despite the magazine style, there are a few things from this theme that make it unique and appealing to its users. Most of his users even think, this is a template with a magazine type but different.  No wonder, around Wordpress users, this theme is a good choice.

8. Leto

The next WordPress Template is present for you who set up an online store. A clever businessman will definitely choose a template that beautifies his shop on the website. So, Letto offers it. The famous Template developed by the figure Athemes has helped in providing various features. For example the features for widgets that are important for store Onlineheader, theme options options, Google fonts options and of course will also be integrated nicely with WooCommerce.

9. Eightstore Lite

The Theme goes in the best ranks next and being one of the WordPress templates for online stores worth considering is the Eightstore Lite. Why? Do you know? We see from some of its main features that have a feature, product slider, video integration in pop up banner, advanced Wishlist, Product search field, columns for partner logos and payments, testimonial columns, and a variety of interesting font options.

10. Breviter

The next uniqueness Template is Breviter. This cool and SEO friendly Blog has a personal and lifestyle. Do you know? One-only personal blog Template that is well known and popular for its first Wordpress users is Breviter. How not? This Theme has been designed in such a minimalist way and adapted for bloggers who want to show their content professionally, but don't forget to still show the personality side.

The description above is a reference that can help solve your problem in determining the suitable WordPress template and according to your needs. The best WordPress templates for your site don't have to pay expensive. Because in fact, free WordPress templates can be very effective as a type of premium theme. Sometimes even provide most or all of the features you want.

This list of best WordPress templates you can download for free so that it can be used to further beautify the look of your blog. You have the opportunity to freely use the theme as needed. Please choose the best one and according to your interests and needs. Many information, hopefully useful!

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Advantages and disadvantages of using VPN on Android

Nowadays the use of VPN or Virtual Private Network in Android OS is common and widely used by all circles of various professions. It is also not separated from the ease to use the VPN. For example, VPN can be used for free with only the Internet Kouta can download the VPN app from the APP store or Play Store. So you can already use Internet access securely. For those of you who don't know what a VPN is? VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a modern technology to be able to access the Internet globally through a secure connection and without any filters.

As we know there are no Internet users worldwide who are immune to the presence of computer hacking and all attempts of data theft. Some hackers include the ability to interfere with third-party computers after successfully identifying the last IP address. To prevent such an event, it may be necessary to use a VPN. However, in fact behind all the advantages given by such VPN-based applications, there must be weakness. Where there are some disadvantages to the use of such applications and impressed so very dangerous.

Maybe you as a VPN user already know the advantages of using the application and even have felt it yourself. However, it would be nice before you decide to use a certain technological tool, make sure its advantages and disadvantages. It can avoid things – things you don't want. For those of you who already use Virtual Private Network on your mobile Smartphone or just want to use it, all is not too late. In the explanation below will help you get acquainted with VPN further.

Advantages of using VPN on Android

1. Easily access specific resources
Many companies have now made use of VPNS to enable employees to securely access files, applications, printers and other resources in the office network. However, these benefits can also be felt for regular users, you can set up your own VPN and access the network. You can also easily use it without any meaningful difficulties because the technology is easy and fast.

2. Can access blocked sites by government

Among us may have ever tried to access a particular site. Then there appears notification notification that online site is forbidden to access. For some people it is easy to give up for sure when it also immediately leaves the site. However, for those who are smart and curious, it is sure to work hard to open it. That's when the VPN is reliable, because it can overcome those difficulties.

3. Overcoming Geobloc

The next advantage is in regards to overcoming Geoblok. To understand this, we need to discuss what a geoblocking goal is. Certain groups or sites are practicing geoblocking, a strategy to prevent users from accessing their content solely based on their geographic location. Journalists and political dissidents utilize VPN to acquire state-sponsored censorship. In the case of the BBC iPlayer, a UK VPN is required if you can't find the event you want on Netflix or Hulu Plus.

4. Protecting your privacy online

"Privacy" is the primary keyword in the internet world. The existence of a VPN is featured in handling these needs. For example we always want to connect to the Internet when traveling using common Hostpot. However, most of the hotspots are unsafe and can be worn by those with bad intentions to know which keywords you have. So, VPN is useful. Since it encrypts traffic on your internet, VPNS can help in preventing those irresponsible people from capturing your keywords as well as your other personal info.

Disadvantages of using VPN on Android

1. Contains Malware

Have you ever thought before that a free VPN app could contain Malware in it which of course can infect your Android? If so, what are the impacts? This can result in damaging the system and slowing down your mobile performance. Even without you realizing you can install strange applications that you do not expect.

2. The existence of Data theft

Many problems can be encountered in the Internet world. One of them is data theft. This is not a new phenomenon in the Internet world, instead of even giving a secure service instead of stealing data from the application's users. Why can this happen? Because every time you connect through that VPN provider's server then, indirectly their influence can read all the sites that you have visited even stole it. It also affects your personal data from your smartphone.

3. Sales Data

Data sales are becoming very detrimental. And it itself has become a "common secret". For example where generally every company that provides services such as ISPS, Google, Facebook and others have indirectly acknowledged that it has sold its customers data to third parties. It is not undeniable to happen also on this VPN service. One of the applications that have been known to sell data of its users is Hotspot Shield which sells data to third parties.

4. Accessing Data

Accessing user data, have you ever heard or read a kind of thing that requires that you want to download an app? On each site is certainly situated with various conditions. One is concerned where they will request access to read all the history including your data and so on. It is not all companies that service providers will ask for such permission, but most will do so. Includes a VPN according to our previous discussion points.

The above description is more information about the impact of the positive and negative VPN usage. By knowing the good and bad of a VPN can help you decide if the VPN app is right for you to use on your HP, laptop, computer and various electronic devices? Is it the same loss incurred for all electronic devices? The impact of using a VPN on an Android smartphone or for a case on a PC is the same, because we already know the nature of the VPN is already universal scale, so the impact can be the same.

If you still want to use this VPN, a good reminder should not be tempted to download the 3rd party VPN app In addition to the Play Store. Because the impact will be dangerous. For example, do you want all the activity on your Android to be seen by the VPN app maker? Like bank accounts, browsing history, file downloads, and all your personal data? Do not want it? Therefore, download the official on Play Store. From the many advantages that are offered, we must also be smart to see in terms of shortcomings. Hopefully this information is helpful and cautious!

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How to learn SEO Blogger for beginners with ease

Blogger, many people have started to try one of these best online businesses. Although it only requires writing skills and is diligent, it is actually not enough. Some beginners even start thinking of scooped up many of the advantages of Web writing, but in reality it's not that easy. There are basic knowledge of some facets of writing, goal strategy, and SEO. What is SEO? You who want to earn as a content writer on the blog should know this. SEO stands for Search Engine optimizationtechnique that you have to understand, master and apply as a website owner to be able to get the best rankings in Google search engine

Whether you have a long time or beginners dabbling in a world of bloggers, at least have to know this SEO. However, not directly you can master it. You need to do basic learning – basic material and careful knowledge about SEO. How? Take it easy, no need to rush. Nowadays you can find many good resources to learn SEO techniques. You can search for a written version of Books Library, Web online, some of your trust sites and others. Not only effective way of learning, of course, to help you will be equipped with practical Tips and suggestions will be added. So you will be easier and quicker to learn.

The purpose of this SEO learning is to already know and understand the techniques of SEO practices, then we can get a lot of benefits. What are you? For example, it can redirect more traffic to the blog that we manage itself. So at its core SEO is the way we can get organic traffic for free or don't have to pay our site through search engines. If we do not understand SEO can be so our blog will not be indexed, and can lose hundreds or even thousands of people who are visitors in our blog.

Well, having learned the importance of SEO for our Blog. You don't have to bother looking for information to be able to learn SEO easily. In this article contains practical and simple guidelines for learning well about SEO. You can also apply this learning method to other aspects. SEO techniques cover identifying greater opportunities from keywords, tips on how to take those opportunities, to improve the SEO quality of our site. To understand it, you need to know the effective learning process. More you can see the explanation under the following heading.

How to learn SEO Blogger for beginners with ease

1. Understand understanding and how SEO works

As we've alluded to at the beginning of the discussion about the sense of SEO itself. Here you should want to learn SEO, not only know the understanding and how it works. Rather you need to understand the implied meaning in it in our minds. Not only is there, we need to work to interpret the understanding and how the SEO works in a broad sense. We are able to apply it in our brains. Thus we will have no difficulty when receiving other learning materials because they are able to understand the most basic things specifically.

2. Understand the importance of SEO in our site

By understanding the importance of SEO, this will be a separate motivation for us to keep learning. The spirit and encouragement to improve the performance of the blog is what makes us need to keep working hard to find the latest information, the terms of the prevailing terms. If we do not understand exactly and thoroughly the importance of SEO impacts we will tend to be lazy to learn more. You need to know when you're going to dive into SEO, the application will continue to change as time passes. It could be, the technique that was run in the past month will be a boomerang for this month or the old provisions are no longer used because they are replaced with new settings. By understanding the importance of SEO, we will continue to seek the latest information.

3. Find updated information and updates

Generally there are some provisions that no longer apply or take effect on SEO. Strive for updates looking for information, can by searching in search engines on other blogs, ask friends who are doing the same activities and activities or similar hobbies and so forth. It is certainly very beneficial. For example in addition to improving the quality and confidence of our visitors, also to give the form of credibility in the eyes of search engines. This also avoids the decline in blog performance as it does not comply with the terms and conditions.

4. Don't be ashamed to ask

Often we have different abilities to understand something new. There may be terms – terms that are not explained while you do not understand. If this is the case. The simplest solution is only one "don't be shy to ask". We need help and get the information according to what we need. Going through something we have not understood and continuing to the next discussion will make us confused. The key is to understand the stages per stage. Start asking other parties who are more understanding like in online web, social media, others and so on.

5. Use existing tools and time efficiently

Not all of our tools have. We can choose the means to find information that is easy and affordable to us. For example you can use your Android or mobile, others are using a laptop, a computer, or even if you need to find a guide book in the Library and so on. Time is also very important. To be able to learn well, you need to adjust and do not be forced. If you have other jobs, we recommend that you schedule them to study and not be bothered by other things. So as such, you will be more focused and quickly absorb the material.

6. Process oriented is not a result

The biggest problem and often encountered by people who want to learn SEO is want to quickly become a master but, do not want to go through all the process. If you have such a way of viewing, then you should throw the mind away, because such a way of viewing will not make you grow but it will keep you just spinning around in the place. Not only learning SEO that needs the process. All the facets in our lives process, then it is better that you have a humble attitude to learn and continue not depending on how long you learn or how proficient you are. Continuing diligently is the way you can successfully learn SEO.

This information is integrated around how to effectively how we can learn what we want to learn from SEO. Start how to increase earnings on the blog, improve the performance and quality of article or content, improve the loading process and much more. Don't you need that information? Now you can learn effectively and efficiently anytime and anywhere in your electronic device. Either on the HP Smartphone, Laptop, computer online or offline by saving this page on your device. Surely you now use Android mobile instead? So you can use it to learn freely.

The information contained in this article is only a small part of material learning tips and extensive SEO knowledge. This Info is perfect for a beginner, because it's the basic things that are easy to understand and become a strong foundation. Learning too much material will make you unfocused, so learn continuously and apply the ones you learned first. This article can be a reference and a preliminary guide to learning a deeper SEO. Hopefully this information can be useful and safe learning.

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VPS for replacement of current web hosting

VPS, an advanced technology designed to further beautify our website personally as well as in groups. The presence of this VPS can replace the role of the existing web hosting. Why so? Because in reality VPS hosting is one of the more stable and secure options when compared to the use of shared hosting. On VPS allows you absolutely no need to use a dedicated server space. Nevertheless, shared hosting is more affordable and cost-effective.

What exactly is VPS? VPS stands for "Virtual Private Server" which is a Virtual Server with the way it works utilizing the Server operating system as a VPS provider. VPS system is superior because it has the advantage that you can find out how to do data storage or work as a substitute for your personal PC. How? Simply put, this VPS can be interpreted as a server computer in cyberspace or unreal. However, we can have it by rent it first.

Almost in common with computers in the real world, VPS also has memory, harddrive, processor, and even operating system (OS). Compared with Web hosting, when you rent this VPS you will get a better resource and will not be interrupted if there is a problem on the website that you are. Aside from it's other benefits with your VPS it is possible to gain more free root access and customize the server to suit your needs.

Of the many advantages of this use of VPS or Virtual Private Server, not to be separated from its name deficiency or weakness as a substitute for Web Hosting. If you are interested in using it, it is better to pay attention to the nature, characteristics, workways, excess is also the drawback. After knowing these things, then you can be sure that the VPS is worth being used as a substitute for Web Hosting for your site. The following is a brief explanation of the positive and negative impacts using the current VPS.

Advantages of using VPS

1. Server more stable and easy

With the use of VPS you don't have to worry about specs on your computer. Simply by connecting to a network of Internet connections, you can easily use a VPS with the size of a storage hard drive (SSD), plus the memory also a fairly large virtual processor and can be adapted to your needs. Besides this VPS can be accessed stably within 24 hours so the operation is more flexible than working on a regular computer.

2. Safer because it uses Dedicated IP dedicated

Different from the way web hosting and shared hosting that the server used together. Then seen in terms of operating system also the same control Panel makes its security level less. While on VPS there is a special username and password and Dedicated IP will be given to you.  And because it is only you can use it. VPS provides a facility that is more secure server security than with other web hosting services or other services. VPS makes you get better performance because its server resources are only utilized for yourself.

3. Flexible with various OS

Unlike Web Hosting that has limited functionality, on VPS you can easily replace the OS you use from Windows on an unrestricted or flexible basis. For example on the use of Linux OS, only with a few steps you are already free in using Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, Fedora and others as you want and need. In addition, VPS also helps you to install any type of application you need, and you can delete it again once it's been no longer used. Not interesting?

4. Don't make mistakes

If the server settings occur a slight error, then that happens is a high risk in terms of security. So, earlier please make sure that you carefully, thoroughly, and pay attention to every detail when going to deal with server settings. Do not forget to check again and make sure everything is appropriate and correct to avoid

The above description is more information for you who want to use VPS Hosting in lieu of Web Hosting. That way you can compare yourself whether a VPS is suitable for use or even the other way around? With technological advancement, we can be facilitated in improving the performance of the blog. This requires you to update to find the latest information on more sophisticated technologies to use for smooth web activities.

When can VPS be needed? The VPS itself has been designed in such a way as to accommodate your needs for high-spec servers. VPS can also assist in the access to the interests of website hosting, e-commerce, corporate applications, with high performance and much more. In addition, VPS is also used flexibly to store email servers, create VPNS, video encoding, forex monitoring (trading), and so on. This is a VPS, please start to consider it according to your interests and needs.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

This is the current Indonesian agricultural statistical data

Indonesia, has a large variety of nature and wealth in various fields. One of the most striking areas is his farm. In this agricultural sector alone, our country has managed to achieve some success in the world. This is not separated from the services of farmers who directly participate in the success of Indonesian agriculture at the International level. From year to year, we can pay attention to the growth of agricultural outcomes to date. Some areas have increased. However, it is not uncommon in some areas where the agricultural sector has decreased gradually. What do you think?

The Indonesian government certainly does not stay silent. To be able to assess and control agricultural outcomes in Indonesia, they collected data over the past few years. As did the new – recently, there have been available agricultural statistics books that review the agricultural data needed.  This agricultural statistical book is about to provide a data series for the last 5 (five) years divided into 4 (four) discussion chapters ranging from the data section of the agribusiness sub-system in the upstream up to the data portion of the agribusiness sub-system in the downstream.

Data and information on the upstream agribusiness sub-system includes data on natural resources (SDA), capital resources are also production facilities. As for the data of the farmer sub system itself includes production data and population. As for sub agribusiness system in downstream, product data of farmers ' exchange rate, gross domestic trade, agricultural commodity, price as well as agricultural consumption. Data of this supporting services sub system includes human resources, agricultural technology and agricultural institutional results.

According to some surveys can also be concluded some core discussion. Such as the year 2018 ago SUTAS 2018 or the 1999 census Agricultural Survey 2018 which is the activity of agricultural survey conducted with the purpose of bridging the data of the census of Agriculture in 2013 and the Census of Agriculture at 2023 and first conducted by BPS. The conclusion of the survey activities resulted in some important points about the state of the agricultural sector in Indonesia, namely:

Indonesia's agricultural development challenges

1. Less farmland

The narrow area of the farm for farming leads to a more limited working space, especially for rice farming. In addition, the high number of farmers artisanal is not balanced with the area of suitable land and appropriate. Instead, it leads to lower productivity. This is evidenced by the many farmers who do the traditional farming. Even the farmer's knowledge of the latest agricultural issues or problems with solving or solutions to these agricultural problems tends to be low.

2. Climate and weather

One of the other factors that is crucial in improving agricultural business is the weather and climate. Today the environmental issues that are often voiced are the subject of global warming that will impact climate change. No liability, a number of consequences arising from global warming can already be felt. For example, natural disasters such as tornadoes, flash floods, storms, tsunamis appear more often in some areas.

3. Global food prices

The Era of free trade as it has now demonstrated the integration between the domestic market and the world market. It is especially central to bring consequences on the linkages between the prices of world-scale agricultural commodities at a domestic price. Therefore the dynamic cost of agricultural commodities that have occurred in the domestic market will not be separated from various trade policies including the policy of government already taken.

4. Government efforts to improve the agricultural sector

From the various obstacles experienced can Indonesia advance? Of course it can, through the various hard efforts that Governments and communities continue to help. Although the agriculture sector in the state of Indonesia is now still a space for small people. Approximately 100 million people or about nearly half of the number of people in Indonesia work in the field of agriculture. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture will do a variety of efforts to build a small business actors so that this later becomes a strong foundation to support the economy of Indonesia.

Indonesia still has to keep fighting. However, with existing potential and also efforts in the Barengi strategy that continues to be built by the Indonesian government. In addition, there must be a sense of co-operation continuously on all areas of related aspects, ranging from farmers to policymakers themselves. In addition, by looking at the agricultural sector achievement this year in the success of rice self-sufficiency, it is already showing the development of agriculture that has progressed. Efforts to advance the agriculture sector continues to be implemented, of course, to face various problems that inhibit. Some of the ways that are being done are:
In this year the government has a focus in terms of development in irrigation networks. It is done certainly aims to increase the production of rice crop by increasing the planting intensity as well as the area planted.
The Government has always conducted various innovations in order to support farmers as a leading figure or performer to boost food productivity nationwide, as well as cultivating methods of cultivation, superior varieties, or pest management.

The other innovation is the effort to make a breakthrough by maintaining a large area of monthly planting of rice plants. This is done with the aim in order to be able to monitor the area plus planting or LTT rice in all areas of Indonesia every day.

In addition to monitoring the rice LTT, the government continues to try to identify the problems faced by the farmers in the field through the construction of the Agricultural Technology Research Hall (BPTP).
The implementation of agricultural rehabilitation is by repairing land that had not been produced at first. Then there are several efforts to make the land can return to productive land. One of his efforts is to replace crops that are no longer productive with the kind of plants that have productivity.

That is the explanation about the state of agriculture in Indonesia when viewed from the statistics from period to period that still require extra attention. Both from the government and the community, it is important to take part in the handling process. For the problems that continue to inhibit the agriculture sector in Indonesia, it is expected to be well addressed. So that the results can be felt by all Indonesians, because we equally struggle for Indonesia's advanced farming.

From now on to the future we wait for the latest results or presentation of data that contains the progress of agriculture in Indonesia. Hopefully continue to progress according to what is expected. This is a brief information that can be given to you. Hopefully it can add insight and knowledge. Hopefully useful and contribute to the success of the agricultural sector in Indonesia!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

How to increase AD revenue Breaks Fanspage on Facebook

Who doesn't know one of these social networks? Its use is so popular and is in demand by all social media connoisseurs around the world. Facebook is not only used as a means of entertainment or merely obtaining information, but now it is widely used as an online business medium. Everyone recognizes and uses them from young people, teenagers, to the parents among them. Why? Ease in accessing and operating it into one of its appeal. In addition, its Fanspage feature is also eligible for earning money. By doing monetize on Fanspage, it is not surprising that most people earn a small profit.

Nowadays, social media often referred to by the word "FB" is not only used for status updates or having discussions in groups alone. A lot of people race – the competition is earning, of course it will work in a good and true way. For those of you who have succeeded and successfully get the rupiah Pundi from Facebook, in addition to understanding how to register and memotize video in AD Breaks, surely you also need tips on how to increase revenue from AD Breaks is not it? Not in vain, but it needs a clever and clever way to further your revenue from Facebook's page features. How?

There are some suggestions that you need to try to further understand this digital internet business. Ad Breaks technology embedded in its own fanspage video has a sense of being an ad break or short ad embedded in the video with certain terms and conditions. Next, the video that corresponds to the target audience will be approved by FB to use this ad Break or advert breaks. Well, this is where video creators earn money by including short ads. Like Youtube and Instagram, Facebook continues to have a more frequent increase in its loyal users. You want to try it too? Let's understand how practical it is below.

How to increase AD revenue Breaks Fanspage on Facebook

1. Create compelling content

What kind of content does that mean? Surely it is a unique video and fishing anyone who watches him to comment. Although many comments have no effect on the earnings you get, but do you know? Content that makes a lot of people commented has a large ad CPC, because Facebook's own party considers that FP to have a high range of posts and reputation, so that the CPC will eventually generate bigger.

2. Traffic Audience has targets

This one process is very important because by target the audience the content will be read by the interest. For example, in order for you to understand that you are fanspage with a soccer theme, now you install the content of "Ronaldo". Then it will be posted ads with video viewically targeted at "Christiano Ronaldo", so the people who are fans or who like Ronaldo will see the content that we uploaded earlier. Not only up to there, after that you can click "Narrow" to equip your audience targeting. For example, with the word "Juventus", so automatically people who love Juventus will love the content too. This can make the earnings CPC bigger than usual.

3. Fulfill standard eligibility for Monetize

The important thing and not to be crossed is to make sure you have noticed well how the content of the video you will be airing. Among them is like not violating the standards of the community, complying with page rules or payment rules. For now, memonetize a video on Facebook fanpage is much easier when compared to Youtube channel. However, as time goes on, more and more violators have been made, making Facebook continue to update their policies. So you also need to keep updated on what's the latest thing in your Fb AD Breaks. Wrong in acting can decrease the quality of your Ad Breaks ' performance.

4. Keep Update regularly

There are still other tricks that need to be a concern for you, which is best to update regularly. Maybe for those of you who have other major jobs, it's better to first arrange a schedule or list of content you create. Although this one step also impressed very trivial, but this is the most severe tips. Do you know? Most people doing video updates periodically need passion and hard work and a high willingness to be accompanied. As for accelerating monetize, then you will have to fight it.

5. Promote to appropriate groups

One of the other ways to quickly get a lot of likes is by spreading the video or content that has been uploaded to the fanspage and share to several matching groups. For example your fanspage is about culinary fanspage and how to cook, then try to share to the group among mothers. For example, it is a group of housewives or groups of education and others. So the selected group must have the same interests/topics as the video you uploaded. Well, avoiding the abusive action rules on Facebook, it is better to share a maximum of 3 times to different groups only. Because if a share is too much consequently your account will be considered spam.

The description above is a variety of powerful tricks for those of you who want to earn bigger revenue in Facebook Ad Breaks. If you are a beginner and have succeeded at this level, you are worth a thumbs up. Actually, to be able to multiply income is not easy as seen, because just like any other social media account that is Youtube, Instagram takes persistence and patience to start and work. This is the main key to all the tips and how to increase the Facebook revenue that has been exposed above.

Who the heck does not want to have a big income from the online world? This is everyone's dream. Although competition is getting harder, if you really pay attention to good Tips and how well and right, it will certainly be easier. You just need to be consistent and diligent in trying and keep learning new things. Please optimize the performance of your FB Fanspage through AD Break this? Congratulations try and good luck.

Monday, June 10, 2019

This is the Online business vacancy you need to try

Online business, becoming an alternative choice for most people to find a fortune. From utilizing the goods they have, winning other people's possessions, offering services, even working with certain companies or agencies that provide opportunities for online careers. Surely you already know some of them are not? There are actually many kinds of online businesses that start to mushress in people's lives. But, which one has the most excellent and recommended business opportunity for you to try as a beginner? Everything can and is good, all it takes is persistence and patience in living a job including online work.

For those of you who want to try profitable online business opportunities, don't worry. In fact a lot of people succeed with the capital of smartphones and find a bigger effort. You need to be precise in choosing and determining according to your interests and personality. Internet as the biggest means that we use can be used as a liaison business and customers with a very wide level of potential market. Therefore, it is surprising that many new online businesses now continue to emerge with a variety of types. Maybe you start to think about starting an online business as a source of primary or side income. However, before exploring the online workforce, you should pay attention to tips and advice from trusted business sources to further equip your knowledge.

To be able to assist you in choosing a suitable online job vacancy, we provide the latest information about each of the best online business opportunities. Some of them have different levels of ease and difficulty. You can choose the type of work that is without capital or else is only using a small capital but promising to try. For that, just go ahead and see more information on the following discussion.

This is the Online business vacancy you need to try

1. Set up a Youtube Channel

YouTube is already a popular platform where people can look for tutorials about everyday life, information or even entertainment alone. Youtube invites you to be part of it as well. The millennial generation, now known for its creativity, can be a YouTuber by establishing his own YouTube channel. Your own themes and content that govern can be themed entertainment, such as gaming content or other useful tutorials. What about its income? Youtubers can get them through AdSense ads or affiliated with advertisers with notes when you've got a lot of subscribers and viewers.

2. Content writer or blogger

Today's blog has transformed into one of the tools or facilities that can play a vital role in the activities of all marketing. In small businesses, blogs themselves potentially become one of the most important elements to aid in business growth. The reason is because business blogs do not require large fees, are easy to manage, versatile, flexible and "sell". For those of you who like to write, being a blogger is the right choice. Creating a blog for yourself or even offering a blog creation service also has a lot of fans. Now many tablets companies that need services for the management of websites for product recognition and so forth.

3. Sell in the Online Marketplace

Now we can find a lot of Marketplace racing – the competition attracts the hearts of the customers. For example the famous ones are Lazada, Tokopedia, Bhinneka, Shoppe, Bukalapak,, Zalora, Zilingo,, Olx and others, these are just some examples of hundreds of online marketthings in Indonesia that you can actually try To peddle your products. Of course, because the popularity of the online marketplace has been enormous will be a potential to make your online business a success. Various types of products you can sell, ranging from household electronics, fashion products, gadgets, technology, make-up, daily necessities, accessories and so forth

4. Online Store

Online stores are one of the great ideas of doing a lot of online business in the try. Creating your own online store This means you can sell and manage your own sales products only without the intervention of other people or companies. Anyone can find your online store by using the Internet. If you have a product of your own or a product from Supllier that is potentially high selling value, then immediately to create your own online store. Nowadays there are already a lot of software or services that can help you to create an online store, whether it's utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce services, using Shopify, or using services like Sirclo.

5. Reseller

Another good idea of online business is to become a reseller. What is Reseller? Derived from the English word Yes, which means to sell the goods. Well, being a reseller is actually almost the same as a dropshipper, but here you need an initial capital as a procurement of goods. Usually the required capital is not large, according to the pick up and what product you choose. Well, before becoming a reseller you should do your research first and also avoid selling products that are trending, because usually the current trend will not last long.

6. dropship

Many people are often constrained by business capital in starting an online business. However, Dropship is a popular alternative among online businessmen without capital. How to do? There are many vendors or brands that now open the opportunity for dropshipping, where you only have to sell their products to your customers by setting a price margin of your own. So, besides you don't need capital for product procurement, you can also increase awareness of your business brand by simply selling products to customers on behalf of your business brand. Interesting, isn't it?

7. Consulting Business

Now you may often meet business consultants or even anyone who invites you to start living this business. Feel free to use the opportunity to work according to your interests and abilities. For example, you can participate in the establishment of a consulting agency that suits your skills. Starting from a Web design consultant, programming, monitoring blogs, templates, YouTube and so on, you can make the most of the Internet as possible to reach more of your potential clients out there. Try also making private tutoring online according to your skills.

8. Freelance

If you are undergoing a lecture or busy process in various other activities but still want to work and make money, this is the solution. If you have digital skills, freelance can be used as one of the great ideas for a popular online business. In addition to being flexible in terms of managing time, the revenue you get is also later based on the project and the rate of each service you will offer it. From the fields of photography, writing, programming, videography, to the translation section, all the skills you have can be sold as a service and need to know a lot of agencies or companies that do need them.

The description above is an online business vacancy that you can get with the easy requirements. With a small or no capital starting capital, you can reap a big profit. We all certainly use Android mobile, from the social media scrol Tuesday, on Facebook, Instagram, line, WhatsApp, Twitter, messenger, WhatsApp and others, it's good to use it with online business. In addition to being useful, there is certainly a benefit gained can even be your main job. Not interesting?

Generally, online businesses can be run by everyone. Whether it is a housewife, a student, an office worker, an entrepreneur and even a schoolboy. Because its ease accessible only with the Internet is possible for everyone.  Before you choose or take an online job, to keep you safe there are practical advice for you beforehand please see the accuracy and business history of the Yes, so as not to happen unwanted things such as fraud, theft, abuse And so forth. Hopefully this information can help you and good luck.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Body parts are in massage to cure toothache

Toothache, the worst condition that makes one can not do any activity. To hear the sound, it feels a lot. This type of disease has become common in human suffering. His symptoms are usually marked with pain in the gums, teeth, and jaws with briefly coming pain too briefly gone. So, lest you feel this toothache.

However, if the disease has come, it is not preventable but should be healed or treated. So, the question now is "how to easily treat toothache without having to be a doctor or taking medication?" There are actually practical and simple tips for those of you who are irritant due to toothache. What is it?

You've heard this suggestion earlier that "massage on the area of certain body can relieve toothache "? According to some health experts, this suggestion is true and is already in practice directly. So, do not be sad, if you are afraid of doctors or just want to undergo healing at home only. Simply using this simple way slowly-land can relieve your toothache.

A massage or pressure on certain areas of the body is able to reduce the pain of toothache for several reasons. One is because it is the source of the pain. Then the part of the body that could be the source of your toothache? Or alternative healing In addition to your teeth, gums and jaw? Well, more information please read the following section.

Body parts are in massage to cure toothache

The method of treatment with reflexology is very beneficial and helps the nerves in the part of the tooth which turns out to be the source of the sick. Therefore, the massage needs to be done at certain points that have proven to be potent in the healing process and relieve pain. The following is an effective massage point for toothache:
The big toe fit under the nail: the point for the upper jaw reflection can be utilized to treat the toothache at the top.
The toe is a little more under the nail: point for lower jaw reflection to treat lower dental pain
Top of the head: The acupressure point located above the center of the head
Above the ear: the point of treating toothache lies on one finger over the right and left ear.
Front of the jaw or jawline: The point of reflection massage at the bottom end of the upper jaw affects the upper tooth ache
Lower jaw tip: The healing point of toothache as a point of reflection located at the back of the ear to the bottom of the ear.
Shoulder and back neck position: point to relieve headaches
The part between the thumb and index on the right and left: the point of reflection massage alternative to toothache, gums and jaw.

Toothache will be healed more quickly at the stage of the symptoms, so it is recommended to do the massage therapy when you have symptoms. Once you understand the point of the correct toothache massage, then do the massage at the point of reflection for at least one minute on each section.

Please note to do so 3 times a day to accelerate the healing process. Generally after completing the massage therapy The sufferer will be more relaxed and the pain is also reduced because the fact that the function of the massage is to provide a relaxing effect on the tissues and nerves that are sensitive to the part of the dental has undergone inflammation.

If a toothache is also accompanied by a headache, then you can add some massage spots for headaches. In addition, this method of treatment can also be combined by taking herbal or traditional medicines that are allowed or as recommended by the doctor. Treatment with reflexology and acupressure massage is very flexible and will not have a negative impact and does not contradict other methods of treatment.

These are health tips to relieve your tooth's pain. When toothache starts to become severe, it can be so terrible that it will require more serious handling. In this simple way, you can minimize the degree of dental pain that is worse. Always consult your trust physician, to monitor how far your teeth ache hurts.

Better to prevent than cure. Preferably after symptoms or signs – signs of dental pain immediately do the treatment. Reflexology on the area of certain areas that have been displayed in the explanation above is one of them.  Hopefully this information can be helpful in handling your toothache. Hopefully useful and healed.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

7 Natural ways to lose weight

Diet is the most commonly done thing to lose weight. It is considered effective and can lose weight in a short time. But in practice, diet is not an easy thing to do.
This diet activity also often raises a number of side effects, especially if done without proper direction from the experts. Instead of gaining the ideal weight, it can be a diet that is actually causing other health problems.

If you intend to lose weight, then it does not hurt to try it in a natural way only. Besides easier, a natural way like this will certainly be much healthier. You can combine several easy steps to get the ideal weight.
However, make sure to choose the best and suitable way to body requirements, so that this natural weight loss can provide maximum benefits for the body and health. For those of you who want to give it a try, check out these easy steps that have been summarized about losing weight naturally:

Wondering how to find the best and cheapest health insurance? Look at the solution!

How to naturally lose weight
1. Regular and balanced diet
To get a healthy body, one needs to have a balanced diet. Not excessive, but also no less. Make sure you always meet your calorie needs and proper nutritional intake, where you combine a number of healthy foods in your intake. In addition, there are also regular diet, so that digestion can work well.

2. Eat fibre
Avoid consuming too much fatty foods, dining, such as fried and others. Foods like this contain a lot of calories and will inhibit weight loss because the food is difficult to digest. For digestion to go well, multiply healthy foods and contain fibers such as vegetables and fruits.

3. Don't miss Breakfast
Make sure you don't miss breakfast, so that the body still has enough energy to do various activities. Choose a healthy breakfast and contain enough carbohydrates and proteins, such as: cereals, breads, milk, and more. In addition, you will not be too hungry when the lunch hours arrive, so when you eat lunch you can consume enough food.

4. Regular and adequate sleep hours
Avoid being soed, because it does not have a good impact on health. Be sure to have a regular bedtime, so that all body organs can work and rest on a daily basis.
Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. It will also help you to have a body condition that is fit and ready to do the next day activity.

5. More active moves every day
Begin to move more actively to the calories the burned body burns more every day. You can do this anywhere, either in the office or at home. For example: Buy lunch on foot, use stairs, and more.

6. Exercise regularly
To lose weight fast, you can also exercise regularly. Sports will make the body move and burn more calories. Choose the right type of exercise such as: jogging, pilates, yoga, swimming and more. Do the sport every day or at least three times a week.

Friday, June 7, 2019

7 ways to rise from sadness love

Love, for teenage children, is now more telling the spouse of life, boyfriend, or lover. Well, in a relationship this romance is sure to have many stories. Some even consider it a drama of life. Sometimes there are those who feel very happy but there are also others who feel very disappointed because of one thing or another. For example, it is when we have to part with our loved ones.

How would you feel? Surely we will be humbling, heartache, feeling worthless or helpless or even wanting to die. Maybe we are heartbroken because our loved ones leave us for choosing someone else, cheating, clapping hands, or others undisapproved love. Whatever it is for her reason we parted, indeed her name separation would definitely leave her wounds and feelings of sadness. Then is this a big problem that can not be encountered? Of course not.

After experiencing the distressed of love, what can be your reason to remain moody and sad? Remember the time that feels so sad? Regardless, you should not be too long in sadness. If you continue not to rise from the decay, there are many negative sides that can put your happiness, relationships with others, your mental and your health itself.

It's actually been a common failure in making love. So, don't make it the stumbling block of your success to achieve the rest of love. Make yourself a spirit to go back to life with the tips to make your life happier even if you've ever felt a bitter memory with your lover. There are many practical tips and advice that you can get in some love books that are reviewed by famous romance experts.

There are also those who take it from a true story that also feels so. However, it's quiet you don't need to be a library or search for books for your inunpressed love story solution. Since this article can help you with this problem, it will be briefly explained how you can be happier and rise from the joy of the latest and powerful love. Without any more stale bases, let's look at the description below.

How to rise from sadness because love

1. To concern yourself with the positive

His true sadness did not need to be in mourning for too long. It is better not to have the sadness overcome yourself continuously. Let what has passed into a memory and only become part of your life's story. For that you need to find a positive busyness.

This can help you to forget all the wonderful memories that you had previously lived with the former. The activity can be a course education, work diligently, help others or anything that can help you be happy every day. In addition to self-concern, positive activities will also have other good benefits for you personally or others.

2. Avoid things – things related to the former

The next Tips to be able to rise from the recess is to give distance to all things that relate to the DOI. This includes moving objects such as photos or all of them that you might still have saved all the time. Try to save all those items in a cardboard or other storage and then close them tightly. Then put it in a place that you will never go again.

Apart from that it avoids the desire to peek at the former's daily life from social media. The latest news from him can certainly make you hurt again and the step to forget him can feel so hard. Sometimes someone who is broke Hart or just separated is very curious about the news of someone who loved it. But if you want to be right – really move on lest the feeling overwhelm you. But, instead, take your self as good.

3. Vent to people you trust

The feeling of heartache alone is certainly not good. You need friends to share your story and ask for advice. Look for people you think can be trusted as well as a friend talk about all your worries without being left or covered, if it is necessary to cry and do not hold.

By talking about the problems you face with others, it will undoubtedly relieve your burden. When it's light and no one is holding back, you'll be better prepared to live a new life without the burden of past memories.

4. Give yourself more relaxing and happy time

Slowly but surely it was nice to recover from whose name was heartbroken. Don't rush to move on or even forge a new relationship. But it's a good idea to give yourself time to relax and be confident to face the future. There are many things that you can do to entertain yourself. For example write, do a massage, eat healthy foods (avoid too much chocolate) and various other activities that can make you happy.

5. Work out

Anyone with a workout can be sick of a breakup. This is because exercise will increase the existing hormones in the body, namely serotonin. This hormone can elicit a sense of happiness quickly so it may help you to accelerate the former's process of forgetting it. Start to exercise regularly in the morning or in the afternoon.

6. Find new friends

Now your status has changed to a single. This is a great opportunity for you to find new friends or companions. You also have a lot of time and freedom to do whatever you want to do. Hang out with friends or family too. Can you later find new friends who have the same interests and hobbies that will be more exciting?

7. Fall in Love Again

After breaking up from your loved ones first, it doesn't mean you're failing in a romance. Start to open up to others. It could be so long as there is someone who cares at you in silence, try to look around and move on. Of course you don't have to hurry, do it all by relaxing and flowing as it is. Make the experience with doi ago as a life lesson to get a better figure.

One thing to note is never to distinguish or compare people who have entered your heart. Rest assured, your ex is not as good as your lover now, it's not worth your time to keep it. Forget your past and live your future with the new lover you choose.

The description above is a powerful trick for those of you who want to move on from the lover. It's still a passion for doing things because life isn't just playing – play the love with him who doesn't care about you. If you do not match him to your past, for what is in the Ratfire. Time goes on and make the most of your time it's good.

Similar information may also be you can get on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, line that seeks to lower the numbers of people who are hurt because of love. Feel free to ask more experienced people. Hopefully this information can help Buddy to live better life and hopefully useful.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Why Jogja deserves a favorite place

Jogja is known to be one of the tourist destinations of local and foreign tourists. But you do not know that as a famous tourist spot, it is also a favorite area to buy shelter.

Based on the Portal Data Lamudi property, the average in a month there are about 1,980 people interested in buying homes for sale in Jogja. Many factors make it why this province becomes. One of them is the price of house sold in Jogja is quite cheap, the average price is Rp 11.5 million per square meter. 

There are also the most sought after areas there are Kulon Progo and Gunung Kidul. The two areas offer a variety of residential pockets ranging from the bottom market segment to the top. For the market below the selling price reaches Rp 200 million, while for the intermediate segment sold start from Rp 400 million.

Has complete transportation

Infrastructure development in Jogja is currently underway, such as the development of public transportation. As is the airport, Adi Sucipto is now an international standard. In addition, there is also a Trans Jogja Bus that is ready to take the tourists to visit every corner of the city that is famous for its culinary gudeg. Not only that, for those who want to use traditional transportation, in this place also still operate Delman and Becak.       
Heritage and Shopping Tour

Cultural tourism activities are interesting when visiting the province that is located in the south of Java island. There visitors can see Yogyakarta Palace located on Jl. Rotowijayan. Or see Prambanan Temple in Solo Prambanan, to Ullen Sentalu Museum. But do not forget to tour the culinary at Jalan Malioboro. The existence of this tourist place is certainly a more value for those who buy homes for sale in Jogja. 

Student City

It is not a public secret anymore that the city has many international universities, such as Gadjah Mada University. This education center has been established since 1949 and is currently one of the oldest universities in Indonesia. The existence of this high school can certainly be more value if you want to buy a house sold in Jogja. READ: cheap foreign tourist places.

Nature Tourism

The province is endowed with a natural condition that is so beautiful, so no wonder if visiting Yogyakarta then the tourists can find many places that offer natural tourism. The city has a plateau, a stretch of beaches with clear water. Examples include Krakal beach in Ngestirejo village, with a long white sandy beach character and clear water.

Home investments

Besides being able to stay, buying house for sale in Jogja can also be used as an investment instrument, because the house purchased can be rented. For example, in Tugu area, this area is famous for its atmosphere so it has a promising potential. This place also has transportation up to 24 hours in the province so it is very easy to reach the remote area. And most of all, not only on holidays, in the ordinary days Yogyakarta often visited by local tourists and foreigners.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Fasting Tips for proper pregnant and nursing mothers

Pregnancy, is a very awaited thing by all the mothers in this world. Moreover, the first pregnancy will definitely be very meaningful and important. The mother will certainly try so well that the baby in her womb is always in good condition until later it comes the time of childbirth. However, sometimes there are many questions about what women are allowed to do and can't do. One of the most common questions is to have women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding in fasting? The answer can actually be, but what needs to be considered is fasting, as long as it does not experience problems or issues with fetal health or mother

So before doing a fast activity you should consult your doctor of trust first yes. Then if you are in good health and allowed to do fasting to resist hunger and thirst should you need to pay attention to healthy tips to be able to smoothly fast during Ramadan or regular fasting on Mondays and Thursdays without Obstacles. Surely you do not want to not, a day, two or a few days of fast fasting, but the next day is a drop or sick. Moreover, the condition now you are pregnant or others are breastfeeding.

Actually, when viewed in terms of health, fasting alone can affect women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. For example, dehydration or liquid shortage of exclusive nursing mothers before the baby turns 6 months old, because the fact that these days mothers will routinely breastfeed up to 2 to 3 hours without knowing the time of day or night. Good advice actually do fasting when the baby has reached the age of 6 months and can receive MPASI. However, there is good news for mothers who want to keep fasting even though in the process of pregnancy or have to give breast milk to the child.

Good and correct Tips and tricks need to be applied. How? This includes taking into account good food and beverages when fasting a well-being rich in vitamins and fibers then good habits that need to be done to keep stamina good and steady. You want to know more? Now, this article will tell you about practical advice for pregnant or nursing women in order to keep fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. Straight away without the alkaline-stale let's see together.

4 Tips on fasting for pregnant women and breastfeeding

1. Pay attention to gestational age

The first thing to note when the mother is in the process of pregnancy and want to fast is the age of pregnancy. Women who are pregnant are advised not to fast when their age is still in the first timester. Why? Because at this time the fetus is still in the process of forming organs – organs, brain, gastrointestinal tract and so forth.

In addition in the first trimester, also the prospective mothers will be more susceptible to complaints such as nausea, dizziness or even vomiting until the body becomes weak so it will be very difficult for a mother to fast. While the recommended gestational age is the age of the fetus has entered the second and third trimester because this time the fetus only lives the enlargement process alone, disorders such as nausea have been reduced. For mothers who are breastfeeding can fast as long as the adequacy of nutrients, nutrition and fluids are fulfilled for themselves and the fruit of the heart.

2. Adequate nutritional needs

To ensure maternal and infant health, nutritional needs are one of the most important factors. Both for pregnant and nursing mothers must be at least a requirement of 2500 kcal/day or divided into 50% carbohydrate, 30% vegetable and animal protein, the rest is 20% allocated to the amount of good fats. It is also important to remember avoid foods that are spicy, sweetened over, salty, including junk food even in the condition of cravings. Always pay attention to what you eat and drink, and more fruits are recommended for the consumption of pregnant mothers such as watermelon, banana, avocado, mango, orange and so forth.

3. Consume water

Dehydration is one of the usual diseases that are always ready to peek at every fasting person including mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Generally, the mother will be strongly advised even compulsory to consume water as much as 8 to 10 glasses per day. For that during fasting better pregnant women and breastfeeding drink water gradually ie 2 glasses at the time of open, 2 glasses when eating heavily, 2 glasses before going to bed, and 2 glasses at the time of Sahur. More than that is good origin according to the needs. Fruit – fruit that contains water can also be a substitute for mothers who can not drink a maximum of white water such as watermelon and young coconut water.

4. Doing light exercise on a regular basis

Sports can not be done while fasting instead of a light exercise is able to give a million benefits. For example, it can maintain the body's fitness, prevent stress, facilitate childbirth and also for healthy fetal development. However, to get all these benefits there are conditions that need to be met in terms of time and intensity. 

The best time is in the morning or it can also be 60 minutes before breaking the fast. You can choose the type of sport that is low impact as well as walking or light gymnastics. As for the intensity itself can be applied 3 times a week with a duration of at least 20 -30 minutes for one sport. 

The explanation above is a powerful, healthy and certainly safe Tips for you to apply in daily life in order to continue fasting smoothly without being in the sense of the health of the baby or yourself. As long as the nutrients in Ramadan are well fulfilled, it will not adversely affect the fruit of the heart. Avoid fasting when the mother experiences nausea or dizziness and various other pregnancies. 

However, the better way is not to forget to always inform or consult your doctor of any belief that occurs, because it is better to prevent than cure, this principle also applies to the pregnant mother and also Breastfeeding when wanting to fast. Complete your knowledge carefully so that no unwanted things happen. This is a brief information that is expected to help buddy all and hopefully always have benefits.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The 10 best central capsule hotels in Jakarta

Cheap Hotel is the dream of everyone especially the traveler who will usually save the way to get to the streets as far as possible but with a very minimal expenditure. How? Yaa this nihh, by looking for a cheap hotel reference yet with adequate quality or even more. Who is not willing to get a luxury hotel reservation at an affordable price? You, me and all other people also want this.

One of the most sought after modern facilities is the capsule Hotel. What is a capsule hotel? You just heard of it? Perhaps the term is still fairly layman in the ears of most people yes. Well, did you know this capsule hotel itself is a form of accommodation concept where one room can be inhabited by several people at once. Uniquely, remembering everyone has privacy, it creates a closed bed like a capsule.

In some areas alone there are many hostels or capsule hotels. Some famous and many enthusiasts in the city of central Jakarta, West Jakarta, East Jakarta, South Jakarta, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Bali which has the popularity of visitors or tourists continue to grow annually. Capsule hotels have many benefits and lots of interest among tourists, businesses, students, and for families who are more concerned with the Bughet Keefesienan because one room can be used by more than one person.

In addition to the efficient, many hotels with modern facilities provide some of the price levels ranging from the cheapest. For example, in our capital city, Jakarta you can find many references here about the kind and variety of unique and interesting capsule hotels. In this article is suitable for you who are looking to book a hotel with convenient facilities especially for those of you who look for a hotel in the capsule model in the city of Jakarta, in fact you do not need to be confused because there are actually many can You encounter, but as many may be likely to be a worry if the price is too expensive or there is a mismatch one or another thing.

So, do not worry Buddy, some of the main hotels in the city of Jakarta as capsule hotel providers are already available in the description below. So you can get the full information on this page. Starting from the name of the hotel, the full address, the facilities offered, the prices are available most updates, and how many rank among enthusiasts. Then just look at the references below.

10 capsule hotels in central Jakarta

1. Six Degrees Backpackers

The Hotel is located at Jalan Cikini Raya 60BC, Menteng, Cikini, central Jakarta, Indonesia 10330. Hotel with dorm feel like overseas. For rate in this hotel is ranged from Rp. 120,000 to Rp. 260,000. Call to 021 – 314 1657 or contact the official website at

2. Capsule Hotel Old Batavia

This Hotel can be visited in the address of Cikini Raya Street, No 60Z, Cikini Center complex, Menteng, Cikini, Jakarta, Indonesia 10330. Complete facilities with Wifi, laundry service, including breakfast, cheap yet modern, as well as a 24-hour reception, luggage storage, a terrace and a shared lounge. The price you can choose to adjust your bag prices.

3. JakPod Capsule Hotel

The Hotel is located on Jalan. Paju No. 16 RT. 10 RW. 02 Kb. Melati, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City, 10230 Jakarta, Indonesia. The facilities on offer include a garden and free Wifi, continental breakfast and a wide range of facilities in the hotel fully and assured. The Hotel is also adjacent to the monument and Grand Indonesia Mall and wholesale Ravenna Center and Tanah Abang textile. Prices are offered from economies of scale to the VIP.

4. Capsule Cabin Teak Wood V

This Hotel coincides on Jalan. Teak Wood V/VI Rt. 04/05, No. 26 Rawamangun, Jakarta, Indonesia. Hotel with modern and trendy design but the price provided is relatively affordable, and very suitable for tourists. Transportation to the hotel and traveling is very easy because it is not far from the bus stop or station. Other public places are also close to areas of the hotel such as hospitals, museums, parks, malls, and shopping centers.

5. Royal Hotel

Hotel Raya Jakarta is located precisely at Jalan H. Juanda No. 14, Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. You can book your stay at any time as it is available for 24 hours service with access to facilities i.e. free Wifi, free parking, non-smoking rooms, restaurant and many more. This capsule hotel is a favorite hotel for tourists and tourists because of its modern and complete service. Moreover the price offered also varies depending on your choice.

6. Ambhara Bodylife

The next Hotel comes from Ambhara Bodylife which has the full address on Jalan Raya Iskhandarsyah No. 1, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Indonesia. No phone. (021) 2700800. The Hotel which provides the capsule room facilities is so strategic and capable of attracting many people. You will even find a fitness center, SPA and Wellness Center, Bar, outdoor swimming pool, airport shuttle and more.

7. GH Capsule

Next up is the GH Cpsule hotel. From the name alone, maybe you guessed it instead? Yup, the Hotel prioritizes capsule facilities to its customers where there is a lot of convenience provided for those of you who only visit briefly or for some time. You can find this hotel in Pemuda Street No. 16, Jakarta, Indonesia.

8. Fairmont Jakarta Hotels

This famous Hotel is located in the middle of Jakarta, precisely on Asia Afrika Street No. 8 Gelora dude Karno, Senayan, Jakarta. You can see the location directly through maps because it is already available in various hotel booking sites and hotel reservations. Fairmont Jakarta is recommended for you because of its strategic location near the Indonesian stock Exchange building, Jakarta Convention Center and shopping Centers namely Plaza Senayan and Central office Senayan.

9. The Packer Lodge

The next recommended Hotel is The Packer Lodge which is located on Jalan. Purity IV No. 20-22 Gang. Mango, Jakarta, Indonesia. The strategic location makes it much known by the citizens of Jakarta and tourists outside the city both abroad. It is suitable for tourists who like culinary, food and also tourist in the city. On various hotel booking sites also The Packer Lodge is within the ranks of the hotel with the best rating.

10. PinX's Hotel 

The last hotel comes from PinX's Hotel which is located on Jalan. Gunung Sahari 12 Blocks C3 – C5, Jakarta, Indonesia 10720. One of the Hotel with a popularity that is not less the same type of hotel, because some of the advantages are unique and Bisajadi can not get in other hotels. Want to know the uniqueness? Go live check and see more reviews of PinX's hotel directly or via online. As for the price, it is very safe for you who choose economic price.

Here's the 10 modern capsule hotels or commonly called hostels. You can directly check and book easily and quickly via online at Traveloka, Pegi Pegi,, airy,, Agoda, Trivago and many more. Don't miss out on the exciting opportunities such as discounts and deals offered by each hotel and the hotel's cheap yet quality buyer's site.

You do not have to use or download the application above first, because you can also open it in your favorite browser Web version. Hopefully the information that is shared can be useful and help the buddy choose and determine the hotel booking as a provider of capsule facilities with low economy but highly recommended to serve as a holiday option.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

This is the benefit of soy milk for a nice young pregnant woman

A pregnant mother is sure to take care of her body and the fetus in her stomach. It will take into account in all respects about what is good and not good to do while it is containing much less for a young mother. It is especially that his usual consideration of being for the mother who is pregnant is the kind of food and drink that they should avoid or even otherwise the food and beverage menu that they are good at consumption.

Today there are many advertisements for food products that offer processed foods and beverages that efficacious for pregnant women. Either the original of nature or the menu to be processed first. One of the food menu as well as drinks for the mother and baby in the stomach that is included in the best line consumed is soy milk. Anyone don't know what soy milk is? Soy milk is a kind of drink made from soy and called milk because its color is yellowish white, at first glance very similar to the name of milk. Usually very suitable for breakfast.

Some women do not like this fruit drink because it does not match the taste and smell. But do you know, there are now a lot of soy milk that is varied to be more attractive with a variety of flavors different from soy milk usually. There is even soy milk in the customize with a variety of other foodstuffs.

Whether you are a connoisseur of healthy drinks or not. This type of soy milk drink according to research and nutrition specialists is suitable for pregnant women. Not only for young expectant mothers, this drink is also perfect for elderly mothers. Well not sure why soy milk drink mentioned highly recommended for pregnant women? The following are some of the benefits of soy milk for pregnant women.

The main benefits of soy milk for women who are in Hami are:

  • Folic acid, the content of folic acid in a glass of soy milk can help in the development of the fetus even until the baby is born. Not only folic acid, other nutrients such as Vitamin A, Protein, and also good fats can be a source of nutrients for mothers and infants.
  • Reduce bad cholesterol. The presence of bad cholesterol is important to avoid. Soy milk is able to help you combat the presence of bad cholesterol. By consuming soy milk during pregnancy is also able to maintain body weight and keep a good fat reserve for our body.
  • The fiber source of pregnant mothers, often the problem that is often experienced by the mother who is in the digestive tract. Thus, with the fulfillment of fiber needs can reduce the risks that are in fact found in soy milk. This food can maintain your digestive health.
  • Enhancing the immune system, the content of zinc in soy milk is able to increase the immunity of the mother so that it will be stronger in fighting against viruses and diseases that want to attack.
  • Preventing Anemia, from various nutrients stored soy milk also stores vitamin B12 that is able to help the body in producing red blood cells. As we know if a person lacks red blood cells it will cause anemia. So in the case of pregnancy is very helpful in reducing the risk of babies born with low body weight, birth is premature, and most of all else is death. This is the importance of consuming soy milk for pregnant women.

This is the efficacy of soy milk that you must know the most specific of the women who are maintaining the health of the fetus in its womb. In Indonesia there are many people taking business in the field of sales and marketing of soy milk. Because of its diverse benefits in terms of health e.g. beneficial to cardiovascular health, preventing osteoporosis, preventing obesity, may decrease koresterol, launch the digestive system, anti-oxyoxidants and many others.

Well, this benefit is so good to make a healthy drink the choice of the mother who want her fetus healthy always comes to the end of the time to welcome the little one. This soy product contains quite high protein as well as all the amino acids that we know are so very important. Apart from the content and its usefulness, we can also see from the price is more affordable and cheaper than with almond milk.

You can get soy milk products in a variety of shops, markets, stalls or even restaurants and caf├ęs are already there selling soy milk for you to enjoy in the relaxed time. So, it's great for you to try this soy milk with a million benefits. By consuming it well and according to dosage will certainly give a great benefit to the mother also to the baby who is in the stomach.

Safest, if you want to consume it regularly consult a doctor in relation to hygiene and health standards. The prospective mama also needs to remember that while having a body will be weaker so the mother must be extra careful in choosing and arranging the food and drink to be consumed. Hopefully this information can be helpful and useful.